The first map project is a multi-level cave complex with natural stairs. The narrow entrance into this complex is set into the side of a mountain, possibly along a ridge that PCs would have to ascend to in order to gain entrance to the caves. This first map is designated “Level 0”. Subsequent maps will ascend and descend from this main level. I haven’t planned much in advance, and would welcome community input as to what kind of levels and features would be desirable. My only thought at this point is that the upper levels will lead to a dungeon beneath a keep of some sort.

Gridded and gridless versions of each map will be available. Feel free to download these and use them as you see fit. The size of each map will be 11 3/4″ X 16″, and I will break each map into two sections for ease of printing.

For the first map, I am presenting the large versions of both the gridded and gridless maps; printer-friendly versions will be posted soon.

Enjoy! And please, please leave feedback! Thanks.

A subterranean map

Level 0 Gridless version

A subterranean map

Level 0 Gridded version