Every now and again I may post a “cultural mug shot” like this one–a profile sketch of a cultural or racial type plus a brief box of fluffy flavor text. Most likely these will be from a specific setting that I am developing, but they may have some wider appeal to gamers. If they serve to inspire someone, then I’ll consider my job done.



Paddorns are a short, robust folk. They can be quite strong for their size, though they do not have muscular builds. Their proportions are rounded, and females are particularly curvy. Both genders frequently have substantial bellies, and all paddorns have large round or bulbous noses and thick lips. They may have pronounced brows or prominent chins. Their ears have disproportionately large lobes. Their facial features overall are exaggerated compared to most other races. Facial hair is rare, and limited to sideburns and mustaches on males; paddorns cannot grow hair on their chins. Males weigh between 60 and 100 pounds, and females are slightly lighter, between 55 and 95 pounds on average. A paddorn over three feet tall is highly unusual.


Paddorns have yellow-white, pale jade, brown, ash gray, or black skin. Their hair is thick and most often black, but may be brown or gray. Paddorn eyes may be black, brown, gray, or green.

Clothing and Decoration

Paddorns prefer neutral and grim colors, such as gray, black, and dark brown. They wear hooded robes or a hooded cloak over a tunic and breeches. Their clothing is plain and functional, although they do sometimes ornament their bodies with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and tattoos. Large plug-style earrings are frequently worn to accentuate their large earlobes.


Most paddorns are solitary individuals, shunning the company of others. They are slow to make friends, quick to become defensive or angry, and stubborn. Many paddorns are argumentative, verbally abusive and able to hold grudges for years or decades. Others are sullen and bitterly silent; these brooders are capable of holding grudges longer than the average paddorn, and sometimes become obsessed with revenge. All paddorns are short-tempered. Many other folk consider them to have thin skins and to take things too personally.